Saturday, June 6, 2009

Annecy, France

Annecy is one of the coolest cities in France. It is right at the foothills of the Alps about 25 miles south of Geneva, Switzerland, and about 30 miles south of where scientists will destroy the world soon.

Annecy is pretty much a tourist town. There is some industry there, even a small game company (or a really small office of a gigantic game company, Ubisoft), but most of the town survives off tourism. Lot of restaurants, gift shops, boat rentals and lake cruises, etc. and a beautiful lake surrounded by the alps on 3 sides.

The lake spills into the city via numerous canals and rivers that eventually connect up with the Rhône river that cuts my town of Lyon in half. These canals are absolutely gorgeous (see the picture above), but look even better with these two handsome guys standing in front of them.

Anyway, for more pictures of Annecy, click here.


John K said...

That island church thingy is cool.. did you go in?

John K said...

Ah i see its a prison.. mini-alcatraz

michael said...

It wasn't a prison anymore. I think it was a restaurant. And we didn't go in