Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Best Superbowl commercial ever!

No it wasn't the Bud Light beer house commercial, or one of the e-trade talking baby commercials. We have neither Bud Light nor E-trade in France, and therefore no need to show advertisements from either of them. In fact, not one of the commercials that you (you in the U.S.) saw during the Superbowl was even shown here.

This commercial--the best one ever--was actually a commercial that I have seen before in the U.S., and while the commercials are entertaining it was not the content of the commercial that so impressed me, but the product the commercial was advertising. I first thought that maybe the French re-broadcasters had made an editing error and forgot to edit out this commercial for something I have been solely missing, but it was no error and my life will soon be more complete (again).

No it wasn't a commercial for Dr. Pepper or Taco Bell or Maui Sweet Onion chips, but something more essential to a happy life.

Duh duh duh. Duh duh duh.

Sportscenter! The best show on American TV, and probably the show most watched at the Stradley home when we lived in the states. I have cable tv solely for one channel--ESPN America (the oddly named version of ESPN we get in France), and while this channel is the only option for enjoying American sports in France, it is not the same EPSN you get in the U.S. The most important difference being NO SPORTSCENTER!

Well my suffering ends in just a few short weeks. Starting March 1st, EPSN America will begin showing the best show in sports and I will be just a little bit closer to heaven.

I leave you with a shot of the good old days when Dan Patrick was still with ESPN and before Keith Olbermann became a pompous, bizzaro-world-Bill-O'Reilly, jackass.

Nice mustache Keith!


Unknown said...

We wandered Lyon at midnight on Super-bowl night searching for a bar who would play the super bowl... Was it on your ESPN american? I've missed sports the most since living in France...

michael said...

ESPN America is great for NFL, College ball (Basketball and Football), NHL, and MLB Baseball. They have no NBA coverage other than a 30-minute NBA Live show once per week, and no soccer, tennis, x-games, etc. You get a few live games per week, and a bunch of pre-recorded, edited down to half the time games (which I love!).

The Sportscenter shown here is a special version for the non-US market with Michael Kim and occasional co-hosts, so it is not the same show, but same format, and the hosts are good.

Sports and Mexican food are the things I miss the most living in France.