Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

France is a predominantly catholic country, and Lyon a predominantly catholic city, so we celebrated this Easter the traditional way:

bmx bikes


freestyle bikes



De La Soul

The 7th annual L'Original Festival of Lyon was this weekend, a 4 day celebration of skateboarding, biking, graffiting, breakdancing, and hip-hoping, culminating today with a free show in the plaza in front of the mayor's office featuring a Lyon-based breakdance crew, The Pockemon Crew, and one of the best hip hop bands ever, De La Soul.

Happy Easter everyone! I leave you with a video of De La's most popular song (which totally makes me feel old :-( )


Unknown said...

We went to the Street day on Monday hoping for hip-hop around 2.... after a couple hours there was still no music. Looks like you had more success!

michael said...

Most of the music was pay to see in clubs like Le Transbordeur. I think the De La Soul show was the only free music, and they started playing around 5.

We hung out around Terreaux for around 5 hours that day, since it was a holiday and everything else in Lyon was closed :-) The entertainment was pretty good.