Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Green Tea Addiction

If you are like most people, you have probably drank green tea before, and it probably looked something like the above picture. I actually like green tea quite a bit, although I usually prefer it cold. But did you also know you can eat green tea? In fact it seems you can make just about it anything out of it.

Green Tea TP

I have tasted a few different green tea treats on various occasions. Green tea flavored Sprite, green tea Kit-Kats, and various other green tea cookies or biscuits. I enjoy them.

But some people really enjoy them. One of those some people is my wife.

The main haul

My wife is absolutely addicted to green tea. With very few exceptions (green tea sprite) if it has green tea in it, particularly Japanese matcha, she wants it. On a recent trip to Japan she acquired the above stockpile of green tea related treats, and over the next few weeks she acquired the additional treasures below. Cookies, candies, noodles, cake, ice cream, cooking powder to make her own green tea goodies, and even some of the regular stuff you can drink. I don't think there is a green tea related product she has not yet sampled.

The second find

and even more.

If you are ever wondering what to get her for Christmas, just make sure it is green.


Anonymous said...

Häagen Dazs at Place des Terreaux has a fabulous green tea ice cream!

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Having green tea which is rightly made and in proper quantity at regular intervals can be useful and go a long way in enhancing your health.

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Anonymous said...

Do you still live in Lyon ?

michael said...

No, I no longer live in Lyon

Unknown said...

I wanna eat them,can I?
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Robert said...
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Richard C. Lambert said...
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Anna Schafer said...
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